Sex Sells, Not Anymore

Many reasons may be presented by the maker of the movie for its failure due to heavy friday rain in mumbai to tarot card readers and fortune tellers predictions. Have they been, more consicious to the asthetic values and core story for presenting the sensual movies, then they would have been in ‘one horse selgh’ with Santa distributing presents in this christmas season. The sleaze makers think of only ‘boobs & ass, wham bam‘ formula movies would easily entice audience and make them remain seated for next 2 hours.

Sauda – The Deal, directed by Jai Prakash hadPreeti Jhangiani and Aryan Vaid with some very intimate scences, but failed to leave impact on box office. Overall the basic storyline [inspired from Indecent Proposal] of the movie had enough ammunition to make way for a dramatic fare but turns out to be just a passable fare in the end.

Chetna ? Partho Ghosh directed this film’s USP was sex and sleaze. It had Payal Rohatgi, out-and-out skin show and seductive scenes. Needless to say the box office response to the film was disastrous.

NazarNazar directed by Soni Razdan created huge controversy due to its kiss scene. Even Pakistan Govt. had fined actress Meera for doing intimate scenes with her Indian co-star Ashmit Patel. It released on May 20, 2005, and what a mess it flopped despite all hype and hoopla, due to lack of strong story.

Time Pass – A Lust Story, became a flop story. It had Mona Chopra, next big thing in Mallika-Neha league, doing bold scenes with newcomer Arjun Punj, however failed to hit box office. All sleaze no story, finally makes audience and producer cry out loud like crazy.

Rain – Starring Meghna Naidu, a rain-phobic gal in ‘Rain’, went all out showing her cleavage. Meghna, a blind gal in the film, went blind having intercourse with ht ehero Himanshu Malik. In spite of all of these stunts, moviegoers showed less interest paying money for the movie.

Aashiq Banaya Aapne – Starring serial kisser of bollywood, Emraan Hashmi and beauty queen-turned-actress Tanushree Dutta were too shown in an intimate scene in a song of the movie. It promised explicit boldness, but peoples showed not much interest.

Rakhi Sawant in KhamoshiDouble cross – Ek Dhamaka starring sex siren Negar Khan in the lead. Dhamaka, as expected, but not EK, DO; it crushed and miserably crushed at the box office.

Sultry Rakhi Sawant posed almost half nude in Khamosh but it was not enough to attract peoples to the theatres. The film released on April 15 this year, starring another seductress Shilpa Shetty but remained almost khamosh at the box office.

Showing Jalwa may be fun in love but may not be that funny in film business. Rich in skin show, but poor in box office responses. Still many makers believe sex sells. Do you?

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