Jawani Diwani (2005)

Bhatt’s are famous for taking inspiration, even from their own old movies. Same is the case for Jawani Diwani, its not just name that they have copied from the old movie, but even story too, although they have tend to not copy both from the same.


Mann Kapoor (Emraan Hashmi), a wannable singer, is a hard-core opportunist who puts his head before heart while grabbing an opportunity. Mann therefore does not hesitate in ?choosing? Radha (Hrishitaa Bhatt) as his love interest for a purely selfish cause as she is daugther of Umesh Jumani, a very successful music company owner.
An agreement for Mann’s music album and marriage with the daughter of the business tycoon is planned. This is a big enough reason to justify the demand by Mann’s friends for a treat in Goa.
Along with these three friends it’s trouble that lands up in Goa. Little does Mann visualize that his involvement with the Goa beauty, Roma (Celina Jaitley), intended to be a one-night stand would land him in trouble meant for a whole life span. The very day Mann is caught red handed sharing the bed with Roma; he is forced into wedlock with her. The person responsible for this being the underworld don, Chappu Bhai (Mahesh Manjrekar), a silent lover of Roma. Roma’s words which Chappu clearly remembers justifies his act ?The only person to touch me would be the one in whom I would see a partner for life.?

Roma, who’s had a soft corner for Mann, ever since she had seen him, stand true to these words. She cherishes the company of her husband and respects the bondage of the wedlock, even if it had been a forced one (Is she Jaya Parda in 80’s bollywood flick ?) . However what the marriage reflects for Mann is his ruined career and shattered dreams. Only a miracle could get him out of this mess, is what he believes. Roma proves to be one. Despite herself she frees from a relation, that had never been accepted by him. Divorced Mann, released from a cage flies down to Mumbai where Radha and more important Stardom awaits him.

Convincing Radha, who is genuinely in love with him, and who actually desires to be convinced, is not really difficult. Jumani who seems to be living for and because of his daughter cannot afford a different stand. Marriage is re-arranged, date re-planned.

Roma re-enters the life of Mann, though now only in professional terms. She is the chosen model and a co-star of Mann by Umesh Jumani, for his video. Passing days of the shoot make Mann realize his growing concern and possessiveness towards Roma. He realizes that it is for the first time that he is truly in love and he is surprised to realize that he could give up his career for love.

But, Roma, a woman who prioritizes heart over head, wouldn’t let him do that. Nor would she allow the dreams of some other woman be hurt due to her. She walks out of Mann’s life for the second time.

Marriage between Mann and Radha, scheduled after two months is pre-poned to an hour’s time by a shocked Radha who learns about his fianc?s with Roma. What a helpless Mann can do about this decision of hers is simply nod in an O.K.

Mann who has by now surrendered himself to his fate, is over awed as his destiny takes a third twist.

Who does Mann choose to be his life- partner?
Does he put his love or career on the line?
Will he be able to make the right decision?
Whose heart will he end up breaking?

This time Bhatt shaab, you missed the bus.

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