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Lemonade with Celina

Celina JaitelyCelina Jaitley dismisses rumours of her alleged hot rendezvous with Emraan Hashmi in Mauritius saying, ?Give us a break. He is a good friend and he has a girlfriend too. Every girl is possessive of her man. It would naturally upset her. I?ve been upset over the issue too. I am answerable to my parents.?

About her role in the film Jawani Diwani, she says, ?I play the character of a Catholic girl called Roma Fernandes. She is a modern yet simple person, a character which is very close to my nature. There is another girl involved in the film. No, I don?t have any grey shades. It is an emotional character and a sensitive role.?

What about the steamy scenes in the film? ?Initially, I felt awkward and scared to do these scenes. I even asked the director to close the set on the first day in Mauritius. He assured me about the role and since he?s young, it was easy working with him. He even said that he?d stop shooting if I found it difficult to perform. Fortunately, it was filmed well,? she says. After Janasheen, Celina has been touted by many as the bikini babe of Bollywood.

?I don?t mind being called a bikini babe,?

she says adding, ?Trends have changed. The masses now want to see what Hollywood is making and want to equate us with that. I?m practical and reasonable about it. I know I can carry off a bikini well.? Speaking about the incident in Mauritius when a man tried to assault her on the sets, Celina says, ?A man indeed tried to assault me, but the whole thing was blown out of proportion by the media. I was not raped. I don?t know why such things are being written about me.?

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