15th Park Avenue – Critics movie

Starring: Waheeda Rehman, Shabana Azmi, Konkona Sen, Rahul Bose

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Shabana Konkona RahulShefali Shah

Aparna Sen film has always been different from regular bollywood flicks, whether in 90s ofr in present day.
You ought to view with different glasses! along with your thinking cap. 15th Park Avenue is an woman oriented movie dealing with various relationships and its complications.
Embellished with sterling performances from top notch actors like Shabanaji, Konkona, Waheedaji and many more, 15th Park Avenue lives upto its story to some extent.


Anjali [Shabana Azmi] lives with her mother Rewa [Waheeda Rehman] and sister Meethi [Konkona Sen
Sharma]. Meethi suffers both from chronic schizophrenia and epilepsy and has to be cared for by her family. In spite of her illness, Meethi had been quite functional up to her early twenties. She had even got engaged to a young man called Joydeep or Jojo [Rahul Bose], as she called him.

After that, disaster had struck! Meethi, who was working for a publishing house as a journalist, had gone on an assignment outside Kolkata where political goons had raped her repeatedly. This incident had triggered off Meethi’s hitherto dormant schizophrenia. Joydeep was unable to relate to Meethi any longer and had broken off the engagement.

Meethi now lives completely in a delusional world where she is married to Jojo and is Mrs. Joydeep Roy with five children of her own. She believes that she lives with her husband and children at 15 Park Avenue and would insist on being taken to look for her house, which never existed in the first place.

Anjali is the sole caregiver to her widowed mother and schizophrenic sister. As a result, she becomes a much stressed individual and Meethi’s doctor Kunal advises her to take a break from work. Anjali, Meethi, their mother and Meethi’s attendant Charu arrive in Bhutan for the prescribed holiday.

By a strange co-incidence, Joydeep is here too with his wife Lakshmi [Shefali Shah] and their two children. He sees Meethi quiet unexpectedly and feels completely shattered at the change he sees in her. He follows Anu and Meethi to their rented cottage. But, strangely, Meethi does not recognize him at all.

Later, Meethi confides in him about her husband Jojo and her five children. She entreats him to help her find her house at 15 Park Avenue and to help her get away from her sister whom she imagines to be completely tyrannical!

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