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Anupam – Boycott Screen Awards 2006 ?

On the very first question itself, the outburst began;


“How could they nominate my director Jahnu Barua in the ‘best debut’ category? Barua has made many films in his native language Assamese and won innumerable national and international awards… Just because they think ‘Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara’ is Jahnu’s first feature film they’ve chosen to insult him, me and the film.”

He added: “First of all ‘Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara’ isn’t Barua’s first Hindi film. In 1982, he made ‘Apeksha’, which was the Hindi version of his Assamese film ‘Aparoopa’. It featured Suhasini Mulay in the lead. Besides that, he has made 8-10 feature films before Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara.

“I thank god that Satyajit Ray’s first Hindi film ‘Shatranj Ke Khiladi’ was made many years ago. Today, he’d probably have been nominated for best debutant for ‘Shatranj Ke Khiladi’.”

He said he wouldn’t change his mind. “My decision is irreversible. It’s an insult to the director and me. My Gandhian film got honoured in Pakistan. And this is how they honour the film and its maker in Mumbai?
So, no thanks! I am not reconsidering my decision to attend the awards.”

Sometimes your absence is the best way of making your presence felt.

Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara Synopsis .

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