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One more stroke for Vivek!!!

And its been none other than our own ‘Ash -ex’ Vivek‘s december release Home Delivery. The year 2005 didn’t fare well for Vivek. Begining of this year saw huge disappointment for this little ‘Kisna‘ and with no credit for success of Kaal and end of the year with this huge disaster. It was not just his movies, even his love life with so called ‘Most beautiful lady of the world’ in his own words also came to an end.

Sanjay Gosh, the director of this master piece, who in past had hits like Jhakar Beats reacted to this survey humouriously;

At least my film has topped in some list. Hats off to me for that

He continued,

‘One learns from one’s mistakes. I guess after ‘Jhankaar Beats’, I went terribly wrong this time. I’ll have to be very careful with my next one.

So I hope we won’t be seeing Vivek in his next venture for sure, as Sanjay made clear that he won’t be stumbling on same stone twice.

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