Sun Zara (2006)

Starring: Sameer Aftab, Mithun Chakraborty, Anjana Sukhani

Sometimes, you can tell the story of the whole movie by watching just the trailer of the movie.
Same is the case with ‘Sun Zara…’. The movie said to be targeted towards youth seems pretty old fashioned love story of mid 90s with fresh new pair.

Sun Zarra is a love story of dreams, emotions and sacrifice. It is a story of a boy Rohit (Samir Aftab) who has a natural flair for singing since childhood. To realize his dreams he comes to Mumbai ?the city where stars are made?.

In Mumbai Rohit meets Bihari Babu Gauri Shankar (Mithun Chakraborthy) who happens to be from his home town Bihar. Gauri Shankar gives him shelter and helps him to realize his dreams come true. Trisha (Anjana Sukhani), the girl next door, happens to hear Rohit singing. She falls in love with Rohit’s voice but doesn’t know who is singing the song. She enquires and wants to know from her friends about Rohit but nobody knows him.

Whenever Trisha personally comes across Rohit, she finds him always fighting, doing mischief and playing pranks in the locality. She starts hating Rohit thinking he is a goon. However Rohit falls in love with Trisha.
Rohit was working hard to achieve his goal to become a singer, but one day he has to sacrifice his dream for Trisha.

But what you expect never happens and what happens is never expected.

Rohit now comes to a crossroad where he has to choose between his love and his career.

Will Rohit choose the one person he truly loves?
Or will he choose the materialistic world he desired?
Will Gauri Shankar influence his decision in any way?

To know the answers watch Sun Zarra?..

Produced by Salim and directed by Rohit Nayyar who earlier gave us Muskaan, this film is about a youth who has to make one of the biggest decisions of his life.

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