Chingari (2006)

Cast: Sushmita Sen, Anuj Sawhney, Mithun


Teaser/Promo: Download


CHINGAARI is set in Rangpur, a far and forgotten village in rural India. Lalbatti, a red light den, is the place where night queens crawl out of the dark rooms to make a man’s day.

Basanti [Sushmita Sen] is a prostitute, who sells her body but not her soul. Chandan [Anuj Sawhney] is a postman, who along with letters delivers his heart to Basanti. After nights of lust, Basanti finally finds love.

Bhuvan Panda [Mithun Chakraborty] is a demon trapped in a man’s body. He’s less of a priest, more of a beast. Villagers worship as well as fear him. Wicked as wolf and poisonous as snake, Bhuvan extorts money, sex and power.

The story takes a turn when Bhuvan gets to know that Basanti and Chandan are in love. Bhuvan eliminates Chandan, thus crushing Basanti’s pride. A wounded Basanti declares war…

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