Fight Club (2006)


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Visually and technically, FIGHT CLUB may be a notch above the ordinary, but when it comes to content and the overall impact, the zing and dynamism are clearly missing. To sum up, this ‘club’ will not find many members flocking it!


FIGHT CLUB tells the journey of four friends, Vicky [Zayed Khan], Karan [Dino Morea], Somil [Ritiesh Deshmukh] and Diku [Aashish Chowdhry], who, in a constant endeavor to help each other, get entangled in a web of incidents, some romantic, many funny and all that test the extremes of their friendship.

The four friends, who could be mistaken for brothers, are an example of wonderful camaraderie. The story takes a turn when Vicky stumbles upon the idea of a Fight Club, a club which gives people a platform to score with their enemies in an atmosphere of fun, action and excitement.

Amidst the on-going fun, team Fight Club get entangled in affairs of the heart and mind with Anu [Dia Mirza] and Shonali [Amrita Arora], which thicken their bonds tighter? and make them travel to Delhi to look after a nightclub, ‘Crossroads’, which is in the eye of a storm created by Delhi’s most dangerous ganglords.

There’s a twist in the tale as the ex-kingpin Anna’s [Suniel Shetty] brother Mohit [Yash Tonk] gets killed. This fills Anna with vengeance and situations take an ugly turn. Dinesh [Ashmit Patel], a merciless soul, masterminds the plan of killing. His brother Sandy [Rahul Dev] gives him strong company, as always.

Team Fight Club calls on their ace, Sameer [Sohail Khan], a bouncer, to tilt the balance in their favor. In the puffed up atmosphere of fists and fights, Sameer finds love in the name of Komal [Neha Dhupia]. Now, in a strange new city, these five boys from Mumbai experience love, passion and also the worst enemies in the form of ganglords.

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