Taxi 9-2-11 (2006)

Cast: John, Nana, Sameera, Sonali



TAXI NO. 9211 tells the story of two men, both prey to anger, who get involved in an accident that brings out their worst qualities. They belong to the opposite ends of the social scale.

Raghav Shastri [Nana Patekar] is a short tempered cynic. He has changed 23 jobs in the last fifteen years. He is an insurance salesman to the world, but in reality, he’s a caustic, instinctively witty cabbie who needs Rs. 30,000 to pay the grocery guy, the taxi owner, his kid’s school fees.

Jai Mittal [John Abraham], the equally acidic heir to a resourceful business family [Aakash Khurana], has to go to court and prove his claim for Rs. 300 crores. Today is his last chance. A trusted aide [Shivaji Satam] of his father is the sole beneficiary. Naturally, Jai challenges the will in the court of law.

There was no reason for Raghav and Jai to meet. But circumstances bring them together. Now Raghav has something that Jai desperately needs [the key to the locker, where the will is safely kept] and Raghav is in no mood to return it. What follows is a cat and mouse game of one-upmanship, as Raghav and Jai go to increasingly unfriendly lengths to gain the upper hand.

On the whole, TAXI NO. 9211 is akin to a whiff of fresh air, a refreshing change from the mundane masala entertainers that you keep witnessing in rapid succession.
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