Tesari Aankh – The Hidden Camera (2006)

Teesari Aankh - The Hidden Camera

Cast: Sunny Deol, Amisha Patel, Neha Dhupia, Mukesh Rishi


TEESRI AANKH – THE HIDDEN CAMERA tells the story of the plight of women who are trapped, used and abused by the use of hidden cameras. It could be planted anywhere and everywhere: Girl’s hostel, changing rooms of shopping malls, honeymoon bedrooms of hotels and in the hands of anyone in the form of a mobile phone.

Sudama [Mukesh Rishi], based in London, runs a racket in India, trapping innocent women. Sapna’s [Neha Dhupia] fiancé Arjun Singh [Sunny Deol], a cop, is already probing into this racket and reaches London to nab him.

Dinesh [Mukesh Tiwari] and Dinesh [Murli Sharma], Sudama’s trusted lieutenants, have trapped Sapna, who wants to break free. The struggle attracts the attention of Ammu [Amisha Patel], who witnesses Sapna being murdered.

The duo chases Ammu, the sole eye witness. Ashish [Aashish Chowdhry] and Aarti [Aarti Chhabria], Ammu’s sister, reach to Ammu’s rescue at the nick of time. Meanwhile, Arjun is looking for a clue to nab the gang and he gets to know of Ammu.

Arjun saves Ammu and together the duo busts the porn film racket!

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