This Week – 3 Movies 1 Review – Verdict FLOP !!!



Ho Sakta HaiThe first movie which I entered was – HO SAKTA HAI. It succedes to some extent to scare you, but the pace is so slow that you almost can get asleep while watching it.

A phone call makes Mohan [Khalid] start from the American Institute of Medical Studies, U.S. to rush to meet his grand-father [Victor Banerjee]. In a hurry to meet his grand-father, Mohan happens to meet Kushaba [Mukesh Tiwari], a saint, who can predict the layout of anybody’s house by looking at their faces.

Khetwadi is a small village in India where Mohan’s grand-father stays. His grand-father’s wealth attracts the evil eyes of Parvati [Mohini], the wife of the caretaker of the house. She casts a spell on the house by practicing black magic. Mohan realizes that his brother and sister-in-law are missing and their son Tanya [Dharmik] is possessed by unknown forces.

Mohan learns that Parvati’s acts are gripping Tanya and makes him commit crimes. Convinced that the black magic is working on Tanya, Mohan is now cornered and left with only one option — to believe in what exists and fight against it.

Chand Ke Paar Chalo


Chand Ke Paar ChaloAfter watching 15 mins, I had to say my Girlfriend, chalo dildar chalo … ghar chalo… . What a crappy, 80s stories. Is this time to release movies where hero shakes his hips, and heroiene goes around trees ?
What was the director and stroy write thinking while scripting this movie ?
Are we some 5 year old boy, who would fall for some fairy tale story?


CHAAND KE PAAR CHALO revolves around Chander [Saahib], a tourist photographer in Nainital, who stays with his parents [Alok Nath, Kanu Gill] and best friend, Johnny [Sanjay Narvekar]. While on his way to work one day, he hears a melodious voice. He is mesmerized by the beauty of Nirmala [Preeti Jhangiani], the stage dancer who has arrived with her uncle [Tej Sapru] and aunt [Himani Shivpuri]. He clicks her photos and later befriends her.

Chander always tells her of taking her across the moon and she in turn laughs at his tales. One day, Chander sells his studio and takes Nirmala ‘across the moon and stars’, to the city of dreams — Mumbai. And from there her journey to stardom begins. She is renamed Garima.

Chander sells his camera and land in Nainital to raise funds. Deepak introduces Garima to a film director Arman Khan, who signs her in the lead role for his film. Now Garima has everything — money, fame, name. Her secretary Kapoor [Shakti Kapoor] cannot stand Chander and finds ways to remove him from the path.

He succeeds finally and throws Chander out of Garima’s house. Chander’s friend advises him to return to Nainital. On returning, Chander learns of his father’s demise and also that his mother is staying with his friend Johnny. Johnny advises Chander to start life afresh and returns back his camera.

Chander returns to his old job — tourist photography. He happens to see Garima where he had seen her first. Garima follows Chander and tries to talk to him. He asks him to return back. She finally wins Chander back.



Chand Ke Paar Chalo Loosely based on real incident, the molestion case against Madhur Bhandarker, by the upcoming starlet is compelte mediocre. Last week was Jigyashaa and this week its Madhubala – what waste of such pretty title. This movie too divulges into ups and downs of bollywood, basically the darker side. How directors take advantage of upcoming starlets and how they are being misused for self gratification.


MADHUBAALA tells the story of Madhubaala [Kanishka], who wants to make it big in Bollywood. With the help of her friend [Gurpreet Singh], she meets an award winning director Raj Malhotra [Sameer Dharmadhikari], who rapes her 21 times in two years. She’s promised the heroine’s role in his film and also given false promises of marriage.

But Raj marries someone else altogether [Aditi Gowitrikar] and Madhubaala feels cheated. With the help of a social activist, she lodges a complaint with the police. Everyone including Raj’s parents and wife start feeling that Raj is guilty, but the court case takes a surprise turn when a guilt-conscious Madhubaala reveals that Raj had not raped her. She wanted to be famous, hence she lodged a complaint against him.

MADHUBAALA could’ve been one interesting story, but thanks to a sloppy screenplay, it turns out to be one poor show. The writing part is the weakest link of the enterprise, which is precisely the reason why the film fails to strike a chord. Even the climax, which should’ve been a strong point, is tacky.

So, 3 movies in a day itself means the division of business and is always risky for producers. But when all 3 of them are mediocre, then where is the risk?
Its sure shot failure !!

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