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Amrita getting married – quit films ~Watch Online~

Hello! What’s happening? There are rumours that you’re tying the knot?

Well, there is an astrologer who I really believe in; he has predicted almost everything about my life to the T. He very strongly believes that I will tie-the-knot before Diwali this year, in the next six months or so. According to him this is not only a good time; this is the only time for me to get married. It will be the most fantastic thing to happen to my life.

So you calling it quits in Bollywood?

I’ve had the opportunity to do a variety of roles very early in my career, and I’ve been lucky to have worked with the best directors and great banners. Post marriage coming back to films seems difficult. There’s a time for everything in life and I want to whole-heartedly enjoy my married life.

You’re very young; maybe you could’ve waited a few years before taking the plunge?

I believe you should get married at a young age, it’s easier to find a partner at this age. Besides, I would love to spend the best days of my youth with my man, instead of being by myself. I don’t want to wait till the fag end of my 30’s when my youth has passed away. Work will happen, but you don’t meet a great guy everyday, right?

This news will come as a shock to your directors and producers?

Fortunately I am completing my films in the next few months, so I am not going to deceive any director, or leave any producer in the lurch. I have enjoyed stardom, now its time for something new. So I am quickly wrapping my work commitments, so that I can make new ties.

So who’s the mystery man?

Well, I am still finding him. My astrologer has told me that I should look at many prospective men before I settle down with one. I have to go on this man hunt; I cannot marry the tenth man I meet. He’s clearly told me that my soul mate is lakhon mein ek. So to find ‘the one’ I have to meet a whole lot of them, and I am sure somewhere down the line I will know who the right one is. Being an actress it makes my search even more difficult. I have always believed in marrying a simple man, not necessarily someone in the same profession as me. So I thought maybe the timesmatri service can be of great help, I’ve heard a lot of people seeking the right match using the matrimony services.

Why not a swayamvar?

That’s like going back to the Ramayana era. I probably won’t have a typical, traditional swayamwar like Ram and Sita, where hundred men queue up to impress the lady and display his commendable feat only to be garlanded and wedded, but yes, I will talk and meet numerous prospective grooms before giving my willing nod for the shaadi.

You’ll be missed in tinselville for sure?

Yeah, I hope you guys miss me. I will miss you guys for sure!

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