Gangster (2006) – Superb !

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Shiney Ahuja, Kangna Ranaut




Simran [Kangana] is an alcoholic, heading towards doom. The only person who comforts her when she’s feeling low in far-away Seoul [South Korea] is Aakash [Emraan Hashmi], a singer in an Indian restaurant. Their relationship gradually changes from friendship to love. And one night, Aakash learns of Simran’s past and the prime reason for her loneliness.

From a bar dancer in Mumbai to a lonely, pointless existence in Seoul, Simran’s journey is full of thorns. She is the girlfriend of the dreaded gangster Daya [Shiny Ahuja], a man on the run. He is in Mauritius, then Dubai, later Seoul. He has no place he can call his own.

When Daya learns of Simran’s relationship with Aakash, he promises to mend ways and fulfill her dreams of a normal life. But there are complications. Simran discovers that she is pregnant; she is carrying Aakash’s baby. She is now torn between the two men in her life. She has to make a choice!

But she is in for a rude shock when she eventually chooses the right man for her!

A complex subject, GANGSTER would’ve got ruined in inept hands. But director Anurag Basu peels layer after layer with utmost care, giving you an inside view of an ordinary mortal, who happens to be a gangster on the run.

On the whole, GANGSTER is one of the finest films to hit the screens this year – complete DARK HORSE. Strongly recommended!

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