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‘It was an april fool joke’ – Amrita ~Watch Online~

Following is the video telecasted by even Aaj Tak, when the news broke regaridng her marriage.
You can read her former interview read here.

It’s the first time I got a chance to pull someone’s leg on 1st of April. So now to set record straight – I am not getting married this year. In fact, I don’t plan to tie-the-knot for a long time now.
The swayamvar will have to wait. My wedding joke turned out to be really interesting, because there were some who believed it right away, while my buddies sent me messages saying, “Good joke!”
I am shooting in ‘Nainital’ for ‘Vivaah’, my co-star Sameer Soni very warmly congratulated me, while Shahid Kapur was a little confused. He knew there was something up my sleeve.

Soorajji on the other hand is too deep into his work to read the papers and react to all this. Farah Khan has such a great sense of humor herself; it didn’t take her much to sense it was a prank. My fans sent me frenzied messages asking me why I am quitting the industry

The last few days I had to keep my cell turned off, it was getting difficult playing along. Some people from the industry believed it so much that I was almost scared. I think the day I’ll actually announce my wedding, everyone will think I’m pulling a fast one again Ha! Ha! Right now, its only work for me and no astrologer can change my mind about that.

Marriage will happen when it has to, now let me enjoy my movies. I am not quitting and going anywhere. I have Indra Kumar’s ‘Pyare Mohan’ lined up for release, and Sooraj Barjatya’s ‘Vivaah’ will follow in the latter half of the year. I’ve been fortunate to get a chance to work with the best banners since the start of my career, and the way its going; I hope to have a long innings in Bollywood.”

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