Pyaare Mohan (2006) ~Teaser~

Even though they don’t rely on anyone but each other and live life to the fullest believing that they are less than nobody, the only things missing in their life, which they long for is the love of a woman! And this dream comes true when meet two sisters, Preeti (Esha Deol) and Meera (Amrita Rao).

Although their methods of apprehending criminals resemble those of the Keystone cops – they do manage on occasion to solve crimes diligently. Then all of a sudden their lives take a turn for the worse when they find out that they are being blamed for mistakes they did not commit. Not only that, they have been identified by video-taped evidence of having stolen an expensive diamond from a showroom. Both of them are suspended, charged with theft, and held in a prison cell until the courts decide their fate, leaving the Commissioner of Police, Shyamlal to ponder what went wrong and where.

In today’s fast paced life they face lots of obstacles but finely loveable Pyare and Mohan get the love they always desired, thus teaching us in a rip-roaring, hilarious and sweet way that you don’t need eyes and ears to love, but a heart!!!

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