Sawaan (2006) – Don’t Waste Time !!

Cast: Salman Khan, Kapil Jhaveri, Saloni Aswani, Prem Chopra



It starts off as a love story, continues to have the hero and heroine romancing in Sun City for the first 40 minutes, till the desi Nostradamus enters the frame, minutes before the interval.

Again, after the intermission, the hero and heroine break into songs in Dubai, till our Nostradamus drops a bomb: He tells the heroine she’d die two days later, on Friday. Obviously, the lady is shattered, but instead of going into a depression the hero and heroine break into two songs and make merry.

[who’d like to rejoice after you’ve known of your impending death?],

All this while, the heroine keeps hammering ‘Friday’ into the hero’s head. On the fateful day, the lady is mistakenly shot by the cops outside a shopping mall and dies. The hero blames Nostradamus for it, breaks into his house, bashes him black and blue and Nostradamus dies.

When Nostradamus dies, the heroine, who is already pronounced dead, wakes up. She’s alive now…

I am not kidding, this is the complete story of the movie, not a fairy tale for 2 years old boy.

Indiafm rates this movie as ‘the weakest fare of 2006’ rates movie as ‘nominated for worlds worst movie’
and I wish, I could remember the dream that I had while sleeping in the theater during the movie. I think even that was much more entertaining than this movie.

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