Shaadi Se Pehle (2006)

Shaadi Se Pehle - Ayesha, Mallika & Akshay

Cast: Akshay Khaana, Ayesha Takiya, Mallika Sherawat, Rajpal Yadav



Ashish [Akshaye Khanna] and Rani [Ayesha Takia] are pretty much in love with each other. But Ashish has a problem: At the slightest level of tension, Ashish needs to pop a pill to unrattle his shaken nerves. Rani’s family [Vijayendra Ghatge, Kishori Shahane Vij] are strictly against the relationship. And if that is not enough for Ashish, his childhood friend, Rohit [Aftab Shivdasani], has the hots for Rani.

When Ashish goes to visit his doctor [Boman Irani], he misunderstands the doctor’s diagnosis of hypertension to cancer. Ashish’s world turns upside down. Before dying, he decides to do the right thing: He wants the best for his love Rani. Along with his friend [Rajpal Yadav], Ashish embarks on a plan to make Rani hate him so that she will not have to suffer the ordeal of his death.

Ashish starts flirting with the sexy supermodel Sania [Mallika Sherawat]. Seeing Sania in Ashish’s arms, Rani is dejected and dumps him. But there’s a twist in the tale: Ashish realizes that he does not suffer from cancer at all. He decides to break up Rani and Rohit’s engagement. But there are problems…

Will Ashish be able to convince Rani of his true feelings and clear up the mess? Will Ashish be able to convince Sania’s elder goon-brother Anna [Suniel Shetty], who wants to get Sania and him married without further delay?

On the whole, SHAADI SE PEHLE has its share of fun-filled moments, but the film doesn’t make much of an impact in totality, thanks to a weak second half.

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