36 China Town(2006) – Bad Sushi

Cast: Kareena Kapoor, Akshay Khanna, Shahid Kapur, Paresh Rawal, Upen Patel



Sonia [Isha Koppikar] is the owner of a casino in Goa. A successful entrepreneur, the only love in her life is her son. When the toddler suddenly goes missing, the lady is distraught and distressed. She offers a huge reward [Rs. 25 lacs] to anyone who can trace her son.

Raj [Shahid Kapoor] and Priya [Kareena Kapoor], two strangers from different backgrounds, accidentally spot the child and decide to split the reward money given by Sonia. But when they finally reach Sonia’s mansion late at night, they find her murdered!

Raj and Priya panic and escape from the mansion. In the confusion that follows, Priya forgets her suitcase in the mansion. Soon, they are the chief suspects in the murder. The cop [Akshaye Khanna] realizes that this isn’t an open-and-shut case, since a number of new suspects show up while the investigations are on.

The suspects include two couples [Johny Lever-Tanaaz / Paresh Rawal-Payal Rohatgi], a playboy [Upen Patel], a drunkard [Raj Zutshi] and the domestic help [Dinyar Contractor, Roshan Tirandaaz].

Who’s the murderer?

And what is the motive?


The major problem with 36 China Town is not more a whodunit as it unwraps on the screen. But it comes across as a regular masala movie, with emphasis on songs, romance and comedy.
For any whodunit to strike a chord, it ought to keep the viewer on the edge of the seat, making him/her chew the nails till the penultimate reel. Also, if the identity of the killer catches you by surprise no sooner the mystery is solved, it’s a clear sign of victory. But the script wirter here misses the bus.

Clearly, 36 CHINA TOWN is letdown by a sloppy script. In fact, one wonders how the supremely talented directors actually okayed such sub-standard writing in the first place. The biggest flaw is, without doubt, the climax of the film. The identity of the killer is such an anti-climax. What were the directors and writer thinking when they came up with such a thanda end? Seems like the end was penned by some kindergarten kids!
Even CID episodes of Sony Tv are much more thrilling eventhough its daily show.

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