Fanaa (2006) – It doesn’t impress !

Once again, Kunal Kohli makes unsuccessful critics movie after Mujhse Dosti Karoge. It has best of all, but turns out to be the worst of all. Faana takes best of all popular movies like DDLJ, Raja Hindustani, a tad bit of Mission Kashmir/Fiza, Aa Gale Lag Ja (old) and finally Mother India.

Cast: Aamir Khan, Kajol, Rishi Kapoor, Tabu, Shiney Ahuja (Guest), Lara Dutta (Guest)



The movie begins as normal boy loves girl note. Rehan – Aamir Khan is a tour guide, Zooni – Kajol is a blind girl who have come to tour Delhi along with her friends. (combi of DDLJ & Raja Hindustani). Inspite of Kajol’s friends warning, he starts liking Rehan, while Rehan inturn just wants to fullfill his desires. It seems like that in the movie.

So, after first 45 minutes of frequent volley of romantic sayeris(and nothing else, story doesn’t move forward), Rehan proposes Zooni to marry him. Strangely, Zooni hadn’t insisted him for that, even after they had intimate relationship a night before. So for marriage Zooni calls her family while Rehan advice Zooni for eye-checkup. Amazingly, upon eye treatment Zooni’s sight returns(70s movies style) but she gets bad news that there had been bomb blast in the city which killed Rehan. She get called up for identification of dead bodies. After verfying dead bodies belongings, Zooni becomes assured Rehman had become victim of that blast.

Now Story takes complete U-turn, Rehman is shown in black overcoat in urban building talking on mobile. He is an IFK terrorist and was also responsible for the Delhi blast. Intellegence department tries to track him down and get hold of some TRIGGER (used in nuclear bomb could blast 50 lakh people). Upon encounter with Aamir with army, Aamir gets wounded and lands up in some mountaineous cottage. (FIZA/Mission Kashmir).

(What was director thinking? Just 10 minutes ago movie as movie like snail speed. Now suddenly everything changed within last 10 minutes.., ROMANTIC STORY changes into TERRORIST STORY)

Coincidently, the cottage is owned by Zooni, his father and Zooni’s 7 year old son Rehan. Yes, completely cheezy. For next 30 minutes, Aamir tries to hide his identity and Zooni (Kajol) too can’t recognize him (STRANGE … :angle: ). But at times she would become suspicious, whenever he comes near to her. Now starts CHILD & FATHER angle (Aa Gale Lag Ja ). Finally, Aamir confronts that he WAS Rehman and he is in an Indian Army (lie), was in mission when he fell in love with Zooni. Now for next 15 – 20 minutes whole family saaga kinda sutff continues, father-son realtionship. Then suddenly, he realizes he need to communicate with his terrorist group upon discussion with Zooni’s family friend, Colnel (who has his own radio transmitter).

But, Zooni’s father finds out the truth that Aamir is terrorist when he sees that TRIGGER in his clothes (as described on the TV News). So father tries to kill his own son-in-law and in scuffle father accidently gets killed due to falling from the cliff. Again, coincidently (CHEEZY), Kajol sees her own fathers dead body soaked in the snow. Her suspicion turns into reality, when Aamir lies about her father’s whereabouts.

She along with her son, tries to run away from Aamir but Aamir follows her and finally manges to reach their hiding place. He asks fro the trigger, while Kajol requests him to surrender to the Indian Army (which she had already contacted using Colonel’s radio transmitter).

Finally, there was no option left for her, so Zooni shoots Aamir (MOTHER INDIA) !

The End.

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