Fanaa – Under Moviescope

Under moviescope, each movie is dissected into 4 major portions with different weightage whose cumulative will be 5.0 Stars;

1. Story & Screenplay – 2.0 (SOUL)
2. Music & Choreography – 1.0 (SOUND)
3. Direction & Cinematorgraphy – 1.0 (VISION)
4. Other atrributes – 1.0

#1. Story & Screenplay: It’s the backbone of almost every movie. Yes for even Zero logic David Dhawan movie there needs to be soem kind of stroy and spellbounding Screenpaly. But , in Fanaa, you hardly find one. It doesn’t have any DEFINITE story, it moves to and fro and jumps from one end to other in a blink eye. But once it reaches to new zondra, it stagnates.

For the first 45 minutes it was like volley of sayeris, story going nowhere like regular romance story. Then as soon as Kajol gains her sight baaam…., TERRORISM angle erupts and dies within next 15-20 minutes. Suddenly FATHER-SON angle starts from nowhere, and dear god help me. It tests your patience for another ONE LONG hour. Even realization of Aamir as Rehaan doesn’t provide enough impact on further story.Its climax was the mediocre part, tried to emulate MOTHER INDIA, but lacking that energy and background.

So out of 2.0 points. It doesn’t deserve anything more than 0.5.

#2. Music & Choreography: Apart from Chand Sifarsh, none of the songs are par YASH RAJ FILMS. Even choreograhpy don’t grab attention much. All regular, nothing that viewers can hum.. after the show. Musically, complete let down.

So out of 1.0 point. It doesn’t deserver aything more than 0.25.

#Direction & Cinematography. Well in this section, the movie definitely shines. The cinematography is pretty appreciable and matches YASH RAJ standard like in Veer Zaara, DDLJ. While direction ranges from above average to at times excellent.

So out of 1.0 it scores compeltely 1.0

Those are three major standards [Total: 1.75 out of 4.0 ] for any movie (Specially YASH RAJ Flims).

#Remaining (1.0 point) depends upon the type of movie and weightage differs based on its genre:


ACTING was put into fourth category, due to the fact that both of the major actors have shown their supreme talent before in most of their movies. So, everyone knew their par. So there was no room for any kind of rookie mistake from such qualified actors.

So on left 1.0 point it makes out not more than 0.75.

So its TOTAL star rating could not be more than 2.5 out of 5.

What are your thoughts ?

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