Tom Dick Harry (2006) – Tijori misses this bus too…

With waferthin story and awful screenplay, this movie makes you laugh and think ‘how could someone make such DUMB movie’. The screenplay is the biggest villain of TOM DICK AND HARRY. Not only is it too childish, even the escapades of Tom, Dick and Harry hardly excite you. In fact, you lose interest midway through the enterprise because there’s no movement in the story.

Cast: Dino Morea, Jimmy Shergill, Celina Jaitley, Anuj Sawhney, Gulshan Grover



TOM DICK AND HARRY tells the escapades of three physically impaired people: Tom [Dino Morea] — deaf, Dick [Anuj Sawhney] — blind and Harry [Jimmy Shergill] — dumb. They live together as paying guests and their lives takes an endearing turn when Celina [Celina Jaitley] comes to live in the bungalow opposite their house.

Tom, Dick and Harry start making moves to impress Celina, who is least interested in acknowledging their presence. There’s Bijlee [Kim Sharma], a machchiwaali, who is completely besotted by Tom and does not leave any stone unturned to express her feelings.

Then there is Suprano [Gulshan Grover], who is out to prove that he is the worst villain ever. He is in the business of kidnapping pretty girls and ‘exporting’ them to various countries across the globe. Tom, Dick and Harry unknowingly become the target of Suprano, by being the biggest barrier in his business deals.

On the whole, TOM DICK AND HARRY is too weak a fare to leave any impression whatsoever. At the box-office, the hit music and lewd jokes may appease the front-benchers to an extent. That’s it!

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