Ahista Ahista *Teaser* with Title Track ~Watch Online~


Title Track – Xclusive

The movie deals with the relationship of two people who meet and how their relationship slowly develops. The film runs at natural pace. It’s a slow and beautiful way in which two people meet and get to know each other.
It is a story about a boy called Ankush played by Abhay Deol, who lives in old Delhi. He lives on the streets and works as a witness for court marriages at a small amount of Rs.200. And one fateful day Megha, comes into his life. Meghna comes from a small town and finds herself in old Delhi, which is obviously new to her. Since, she is from a small town, she is very protected and timid. When she finds herself in Delhi, she obviously is quite daunted. She doesn’t really trust the environment of this bit city. They meet by chance and how due to circumstances they are forced to spend sometime together. Their relationship develops. The dialogues are very natural; the situations very realistic, and even the songs have been worked out in a very natural sort of way.

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