Anthony Kaun Hai (2006) *Preview* – Comedy meets action trailer/promo/teaser


Meet the characters

Sanjay Dutt is Master Madan, the only dangerous hitman who has seen every Bollywood film made…and remembers them better than the faces of his victims.

Arshad Warsi is Champ, the only ace conman who’s changed his identity more than his underwear…

Minissha Lamba is Jiya, the only player who has a big secret to hide, with her homing pigeon as her only confidante. The beautiful daughter of ingenious magician Raghu, she is the heroine of the set-up…

Anusha Dandekar is the hottest woman of the set-up, the beautiful Rosa. She may love Champ with all her heart, but patience isn’t really her virtue.

The versatile Raghuvir Yadav plays the ingenious magician Raghu Sharma magician Raghu, who can work magic with his deft hands. But one trick too many costs him his freedom.

Gulshan Grover plays Detective Suraj Singh – the smartest cop on the Thai police force, Detective Suraj Singh. Singh can make any suspect sing and spill the beans.

Sanjay Dutt palys a ruthless hitman, whose only victim is Arshad Warsi, Champ. But is Champ really the prey or is there something more to it?
The whole concept of this movie has been inspired from hollywood flicks like ‘Catch Me If you Can’ & ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’. The cat & mouse games begins as soon as first reels ends. Only difference in this movie is that the role of victim and prey keeps on changing, each one trying to outdo the other. Based upon what we have seen in Munnabhai, the chemistry between Sanjay & Arshad is definitely going to strike the chord and the whole movie is based upon these two criminals (one Hitman another Conmen) shoulders.

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