Killer (2006) Movie Review – good copy of collateral


Cast: Irrfan, Emraan, Nisha, Jaqeer


Nikhil [Emraan Hashmi] is a cabbie in Dubai; he doesn’t shy from going that extra mile to earn those extra bucks. He plans to open a travel agency some day and settle with the woman of his dreams, Rhea [Nisha Kothari], a bar dancer by profession.

Nikhil’s life takes a turn when Vikram [Irrfan Khan] hires his cab for the entire night. Vikram is no ordinary passenger. He is in Dubai with a mission — to eliminate five people in the course of one single night. Unaware of Vikram’s nefarious plans, Nikhil drives him around, drops him to a destination, picks him up and moves on to the next destination.

But Nikhil soon realizes that he has been trapped and has to find a way out of this misadventure. The more he tries to get out of it, the more Vikram traps him. Nikhil begs, pleads, argues, retaliates, schemes… but to no avail as Vikram doesn’t have intentions of letting him free till his mission is accomplished.

Slowly, Nikhil starts transforming himself into a personality that could counter-attack the man sitting on the rear seat.

On the whole, THE KILLER is an absorbing fare that should appeal to lovers of thrillers.

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