Omkara (2006) Review – dark, disturbing, rusty yet shines !

Omkara, an indian adaptation of Shakespeare’s OTHELLO, is a movie made both for the masses and classes. It dares to swim against the tide. It defies the set rules of commercial cinema. It’s not one of those candyfloss films. It’s not sunshine cinema either. Nor does it follow trends… OMKARA is a serious film, about real people, about real emotions.


Cast: Ajay Devgan, Saif ali Khan, Vivek Oberio, Kareena Kapoor, Konkona Sen, Bipasha Basu & Nasurdeen Shah (Guest)


Omkara or Omi [Ajay Devgan] is a gifted chieftain who heads a gang of outlaws, which include the crafty Langda Tyagi [Saif Ali Khan] and the dynamic Kesu [Vivek Oberoi] amongst his chief cohorts. The story begins when Omi appoints Kesu and not Langda as his chief lieutenant.

Langda’s pride is slighted and raging with envy he hatches a plot to falsely implicate Omi’s beautiful lover Dolly [Kareena Kapoor] in a love affair with Omi’s “favorite lieutenantâ€Â? Kesu. With the unwitting aid of Indu [Konkana Sen Sharma], Langda’s wife, and the willing help of Raju, a fellow grouch, Langda’s plan takes shape and results in horrific tragedy.

Using petty insinuations and lies, Langda keeps poisoning Omi’s mind till one day it snaps and Omi goes about tearing up his own safe and secure world. By the time he realizes what he has done and the backlash of his actions, it is too late.

Omkara’s love for Dolly, Dolly’s unquestioning love for Omi, Langda’s warped loyalty and jealousy for Omi, Kesu’s unswerving devotion to Omi — all lead up to a dark tragedy where Omi finally realizes what he has done…

From MAKDEE to MAQBOOL to OMKARA, Vishal Bhardwaj’s transition has been simply remarkable. OMKARA shows that Vishal is a brilliant storyteller, who has a terrific command over technique too. In fact, it wouldn’t be erroneous to state that every sequence in the film bears the stamp of a genius and most importantly, someone who knows how to adapt an English play into a 2-hour Hindi film.

OMKARA is also embellished with great performances, but the one who steals the show is, without a shred of doubt, Saif Ali Khan, who plays the evil Langda Tyagi brilliantly. Ajay makes a stirring and powerful interpretation of a man haunted by uncertainty about his lover’s faithfulness.Kareena delivers an award-worthy performance. She looks gorgeous even without makeup. Vivek Oberoi is alright; he doesn’t really get much scope. Konkona Sen Sharma is outstanding.

On the whole, OMKARA is a brilliant film from the making point of view and is also embellished with topnotch performances.

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