Yun Hota To Kya Hota (2006) Movie Review – half baked !


Cast: Paresh Rawal, Konkona Sen, Ayesha, Irrfan, Jimmy


Story 1: Tilottima [Konkona Sensharma] is married to Hemant [Jimmy Shergill], who she met through the Net. Their honeymoon is cut short because he has to return to his job in the U.S. Tilottima is desperate to reach U.S., but has to face an irate mother-in-law [Carla Singh] in the process. She manages a visa and heads for L.A.

Story 2: Salim [Irrfan Khan] is the stockbroker son of a Godmother [Saroj Khan]. He’s besotted by the much older but sensuous Namrata [Suhasini Mulay]. Even as he involuntarily gets involved in a killing [Boman Irani], he discovers that she has been cheating on him. Before the shattered man can gather his wits, his mother forces him to pack his bags and flee the country before he’s implicated.

Story 3: Rahul [Ankur Khanna] is a brilliant but poor student who’s already got admission into a prestigious university abroad. But he’s hardly excited, nor appears to be too keen on going because of a lack of funds and an incapacitated father. Almost overnight, almost magically, all his problems get sorted out thanks to a friend [Ayesha Takia] and he finds himself flying out to a brighter future.

Story 4: Rajubhai [Paresh Rawal] is a small-time organizer of foreign shows. To be a part of his show will cost an aspiring dancer/singer a few cool lakhs. Old flame Tara [Ratna Pathak Shah] mortgages her house so that Rajubhai would include her only daughter [Shahana Goswami] into his show. And so the seasoned and hardened Rajubhai finds himself fathering a wide eyed, innocent girl on her first trip abroad.

Of the four stories, the ones that stand out are the Jimmy-Konkona and Paresh-Ratna tracks. The constant bickering of the mother-in-law [Carla] and her dislike for the new bride [Konkona] is smartly depicted. The portion at the U.S. Consulate — Konkona’s interview for a Tourist Visa — is another noteworthy twist in the tale. But the culmination to this story is unclear. Why doesn’t Konkona make a phone call to her husband, clarifying that she couldn’t board the ill-fated flight and that she’s very much alive? Also, didn’t the director feel it’s important to show that the newly-married couple has reunited? That’s a glaring loophole!

On the whole, YUN HOTA TO KYA HOTA… WHAT IF? is a well-intentioned film, but the sudden ending and the missing links in the script make things go awry and unsatisfied !

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