Anthony Kaun Hai (2006) movie review – Slick thriller

Anthony Kaun Hai (2006)

Inspired by the Hollywood film WHO IS CLETIS TOUT? [2002; Christian Slater, Tim Allen], the film also brings back memories of BLUE STREAK [1999; Martin Lawrence, Luke Wilson]. In a nutshell, ANTHONY KAUN HAI? is a mixed bag. It works intermittently, not in entirety!


Cast: Arshad Warsi, Sanjay Dutt, Minisha, Anousha


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Master Madan [Sanjay Dutt] is a hitman, a complete filmi, a die-hard Bollywood fan. Champ [Arshad Warsi] is an ace conman who’s changed his identity more than his outfits. The story revolves around Master Madan, who receives an order to exterminate Champ. But is Champ really the prey or is there something more to it?

As the film opens, Mater Madan sticks a gun in the face of Champ and tells him that if the money is delivered as planned, he will kill him. In the meantime, he loves a good story. And Champ has one to tell him. Their meeting, Champ explains, is based on a misconception. Master Madan thinks Champ is Anthony Gonsalves, a journalist the villain Lucky Sharma [Chetan Hansraj] wants dead. But Champ is in fact Champak, who borrowed Anthony’s identity after escaping from prison.

Meanwhile, Jiya [Minissha] is the only link who knows where the diamonds are stashed away. Unfortunately, the location [where the diamonds lie buried] is now a prison. The diamonds were stolen by a magician Raghu [Raghubir Yadav], who has been imprisoned for this act. In fact, Jiya is Raghu’s daughter.

Detective Suraj Singh [Gulshan Grover] is entrusted the task of solving the mystery.

ANTHONY KAUN HAI? is not the usual thriller that Bollywood aficionados are used to watching. It’s pretty evident at the start of the film itself that director Raj Kaushal and writer Soumik Sen have made a thriller that’s targeted at the metros. The look as well as the technique [it’s very stylish], besides the storytelling, would appeal to the elite more than the hoi polloi, the masses.

On the whole, ANTHONY KAUN HAI? is a decent fare that would appeal to the elite more than the commoners.

Watch special Making of – Anthony Kaun Hai ?

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