Don (2006) Exclusive Preview – Promo/Teaser/Trailer plus special NDTV coverage – The chase has begun!


‘Don’ happens to be the first official remake in Bollywood and is the new adaptation of the 1978 Amitabh Bachchan starrer of the same name. However ‘Don’ isn’t just a rehash of the original film. The setting and the characterizations is same but there are a lot more additions in terms of the characters, thrills and twists.


NDTV sepecial coverage

Main Hoon Don – Title Track


A police officer (Shah Rukh Khan) is working undercover as a Don, trying valiantly to capture a gang of ruthless people. However, things go wrong and he is murdered. The police now have to maintain his cover, so they find a duplicate paan-eating street layabout (Shah Rukh Khan), and recruit him into the force. He is trained in all aspects of the law, by a renowned officer (Arjun Rampal), and soon finds himself undercover in the same gang as his predecessor.

His job is to bring down the gang and arrest or kill all its members. This plan is put in jeopardy, when his only child is kidnapped by a rival gang, and his senior officer is killed.

He is now on his own…

Kareena will be doing her first item number (as Helen), Priyanka will be doing complete marshal arts stunts, SRK drifting from his regualr romantic image will be doing Krrish style stunts. Although many things are changed, still Khaike Paan Banaras Wala song is retained as it is, as it was the soul of the classic.
SRK will be performing on that song with same BIG B attire.

The biggest twist in the plot is the climax of the film that will have you completely surprised even if you have seen the original film.

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