Lage Raho Munna Bhai (2006) Movie Review – its funny, its simple, its munnabhai again mamu!

BBC Quotes the movie as


Note: This exclusive movie review is coming from the editing room, by ISHQ. As the movie is yet to release for global audience.

With Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi reprising the roles of goons with the hearts of gold, Hirani needn’t worry. Bolstered by sparkling dialogue and a heart-warming sentiment, Dutt and Warsi’s endearing characters and charming comic performances, contribute to making Lage Raho Munna Bhai an exemplary successor.


Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Vidya Balan, Arshad Warsi, Boman Irani, Jimmy Shergil


Munna is no doctor in here … this time he is a History Professor … He is in luv wit RJ Jhanvi played by Vidya Balan … everytime Jhanvi says … Good Morning Mumbai … Munna’s heart skips a beat … he feels the sun shines on him and everytime she says Good Night Mumbai … he just doesnt stop thinking of her … so one fine day comes his chance … there is a “Mahatma Magic” quiz on radio and the person to answer all the qs rite regarding Mahatma Gandhi @ Bapu get to go to the studio … and now wat wld Munna want more … he gets the help of some professor and scores full marks and there he heads to the studio … he poses as a history professor and this starts all the problems … meanwhile Circuit … all this while like a loyal fren … is always with Munna and he helps Munna in everything …

Though one will see similar faces like Boman Irani and Jimmy Shergill but their characters here are different. Boman plays a builder, he is loud n he is Punjabi…so the combination goes well … If he isnt busy working, he is bz doctoring pic with famous ppl … u shld see this one part … he is doctoring his pic with Bush … n when asked “but u have neva been to America” n Boman replies “but Bush has come to India” Jimmy Shergill plays a young man … Victor who loses his dad’s savings in share market … Munna helps him out … and he gets back to reality …

All of u prolly wonder wat Mahatma Gandhi has to do with this movie … n I feel the earlier title was good enuf … “Munna Bhai meets Mahatma Gandhi”. Coz this time it isnt only abt Munna and Circuit but how Bapu’s principles changes Munna the goon to Munna the good man … the Munna who was so use to beating ppl and stuff … how he changes his ways by following the Gandhi principles is smth one cld learn frm … like i always say ‘there is a nicer way of saying things and doing them’ … this movie too teaches exactly tat … eg. … instead of getting angry with some1 and abusing him….Munna sends him flowers and wishes him well… there r many such instances in the movie …

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