Naksha (2006) Movie Preview – copycat of National Treasure



An archeologist named Professor Kapil Acharya has an ancient map containing the route to a location that conceals a big mystery. So important is the secret that the professor chooses to die than to let the map fall in the wrong hands.

Years later, his son Vicky (Vivek Oberoi) comes across a copy of the map by chance. Vicky is a carefree, happy-go-lucky guy who loves to party, play pranks and flirt with women. The discovery of the map sets Vicky on the way to unravel the mystery that his father died protecting.
Jackie Shroff plays an archeologist named Bali Bhaiyya, who wants to get his hands on the map at any cost. There was a time when Bali was a respected archeologist. But greed blinded him and made him commit murder.

As Vicky sets forth on his quest, he is abducted by the bad guys. It is then Vicky’s half-brother Veer (Sunny Deol) comes to his rescue. Veer is a brave, brawny and nature-loving forest officer. He knows well the rigors of a jungle. After rescuing Vicky from the abductors, Veer wants his younger brother to give up the quest and return back home. But Vicky is adamant.

As the two brothers continue the quest, they are joined by an unexpected ally – a beautiful girl named Riya.

Sameera Reddy plays Riya, a bold and courageous girl who works for a TV show called Travel India. She is a girl who can go the extra mile for a good story.Guided by the map, the trio set forth on a quest that takes them through dense forests, cannibalistic tribes, deep ravines and rugged mountains. And they are not the only ones on this search. The bad guys are close behind.

What unfolds is an adrenalin rushing adventure ride with death defying stunts and action.

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