Bas Ek Pal (2006) Movie Review – Onir falters this time

Cast: Urmila, Juhi, Jimmy and Sanjay Suri

Bas Ek Pal – Extended Teaser

Bas Ek Pal Festival Highlights Urmila

BAS EK PAL is the story of five people bound inextricably by an incident that changes their lives forever. Set in the metropolis of Mumbai, the film explores the complexities of modern urban relationships. Each character has a secret. And each uncovered secret alters the dynamics of every relationship.

During one night of partying, Anamika [Urmila Matondkar] meets Nikhil [Sanjay Suri] at Anticlock Pub… The chemistry between them is instant and obvious from the moment they meet. However, she disappears into the night without even telling him her name.

Nikhil starts visiting the pub regularly, hoping to meet her again. Many nights of waiting later, on a night when Nikhil has gone to Anticlock with Rahul [Jimmy Shergill] and Steve [Rehaan Engineer], Anamika appears with her friends. An altercation takes place, leading to a scuffle… And in the scuffle a shot is fired.

Time stands still as Nikhil realizes that he is holding a gun in his hand, the gun from which the shot has just been fired… This moment would change all their lives.

Onir is handicapped by a faulty script. The storyteller has treated certain portions well, but the screenplay [Irene Dhar Malik and Onir] has several holes that are difficult to overlook. Add to it, the snail pacing and things only weaken.

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