Dil Diya Hai (2006 ) Movie Preview – Teaser/Promo



The movie has Emraan Hashmi playing a twenty-seven-year old Saahil who runs a travel agency in the UK. Saahil is in financial crunch because his mother is suffering from multiple renal disorders. A lot has been spent on her medical treatment and more money is needed to save her life. So, to make the extra money, Saahil doesn’t mind duping his customers once in a while.

Then enters Neha (Geeta Basra), a beautiful, kind-hearted and simple girl who is on a holiday tour with her family. Saahil takes Neha and her family on a sightseeing tour in London. The moments Neha and Saahil share together make them good friends. But when he tries to con her family in order to make some extra money, Neha catches him red-handed. When Saahil explains his case to her, she only feels more compassion for him.

Things take a turn when Neha is left stranded in London while her family leaves for Scotland. Alone in an alien city, she urges Saahil to accompany her to Scotland. He agrees to take her there in a car. While on their way to Scotland, the closeness between Neha and Saahil increases. Soon she finds herself in love with him.

But when the two reach Scotland, Saahil discovers that his mother is seriously ill and must undergo treatment immediately. He tries everything in his power to raise the money. But he fails. Pushed into the tight spot by the unfortunate circumstances, he decides to take a desperate step – to sell Neha to a pimp.

The pimp to whom Saahil sells Neha works for Kunaal (Ashmit Patel), a suave dealer who does everything from running a prostitution racket to dealing in drugs and contract killings.

Saahil is able to save his mother from the money he gets from selling Neha. But his conscience doesn’t allow him even a moment of peace for having sold an innocent, unsuspecting and loving girl to a sex dealer. Besides repentance, he also begins to feel strong love for Neha in his heart.

Determined to make amends, Saahil decides to free Neha from the hell he sold her into and win her love back. But would he be able to fight the mafia.

And there is another problem too. Kunaal, the handsome dealer, has become possessive about Neha. He has begun to love her and won’t let her go at any cost.

Who wins the duel of love in the end remains to be seen.

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