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SRK on his ladies – I will love them hamesha

One thing I’ll say about all my leading ladies is that, I love them unconditionally

Shah Rukh Khan gushes. In a flash, the Shah of showbiz opens up the floodgates. In a marvelously garrulous mood at Mannat, his thoughts tumble out faster than the pouring rain outside.

His melting-chocolate eyes gleam as memories unspool and he narrates amusing anecdotes. “80 per cent of what I’m today is because of my heroines. The love they’ve given me, the help they’ve given me and the feeling of goodness they’ve generated while working with me is responsible for making me what I am.�? The irrepressible SRK fires away:

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri DixitMadhuri Dixit is the most solid man I’ve met in the industry.Yeah, you heard right. She’s truly like a man. She’s the most solid thinker, solid emotionally, solid believer. And someone who loves her parents immensely. And of course, her talent is unquestionable. She’s the complete Indian film heroine.

She’d always help me with my dancing. I’d always dance a step behind her so I could follow her. Like in Koyla I would tell her just be half a step ahead of me, so it’ll be easy for me. And she’d oblige. I hope she comes back. I miss her. I miss seeing her more than I miss working with her. Juhi and Madhuri are my all time favourites though Juhi is much closer to me personally.

To me, Juhi and Madhuri are the epitome of acting, of love and friendship. They are closest to my heart. And they are two actors from whom I’ve learnt the most. These are the only two I feel I’m not as good as.

Even today if someone asks me which heroine would you like to work with, I’d say Madhuri, Juhi and Kajol. And I know all three of them don’t work so much. The only time I participate in casting is when these three are involved. Which is not often. But even today if someone tells me we’re looking for a college girl or for Lolita, I’ll say Madhuri, Juhi, Kajol. If they’re looking for an old woman, I’ll say Madhuri, Juhi, Kajol. When I’m 50 and they ask me who’ll play my daughter, I’ll say Madhuri, Juhi, Kajol.

These three girls are my first loves. It’s just that your first love is your first love. After all, I’ve done some great work with the three of them. I hear Madhuri is coming back. It’ll be great. See, I do three films in a year. And I’d love to do them with the three of them.

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