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SRK on his ladies: Juhi – Best comic timing

I’ve been in love with her since Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. I really believe I’m blessed to have worked with her. She thinks I’m a fluke. She calls me Lucky Ali. She says you’re just lucky, man. Till date she tells me I’m the biggest fluke in the history of Indian cinema. “You have nothing going for you,�? she says.

When it comes to comic actors I would say Peter Sellers, Steve Martin, Jim Carrey. And among the greatest comic timing actors I’ve ever seen or ever worked with would be Juhi Chawla. Even now when I have to do a comedy scene, she is my reference point. Can I do it like Juhi? How would she have done it?

The last film I did with her was One Two Ka Four. I saw that film recently on television. She’s so funny man. I keep harping on her comic timing because I believe that for an actor to be great they have to be great at comedy. So that way Juhi is one of the finest, finest actors. But I feel Juhi didn’t get enough people to exploit her talent. Just like Amitji (Amitabh Bachcan). She has such a range as an actress. Watch her in Teen Deewarein, she’s awesome.

On the personal level, I’m so close to her it’s like family. The love I feel for her is something I can’t describe. I love her kids Jahnvi and Arjun. And my whole point in life is that they should grow up thinking I’m their favourite uncle. It’s my duty to completely spoil them. She’s a fantastic mother, a little strict. So I feel it’s my duty to spoil both of them. When I say I’ll make her children rebel against her, she gets disturbed. But I love being with her and her children. We even plan our holidays together. It’s one family I wish every happiness.

They’re my extended family. So at a personal level, it’s like talking about my own household.

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