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SRK on his ladies: Kajol – Haleys comet

Kajol and I have had too many years of togetherness. There’s just too much love. Too much buddiness. I don’t see her very often these days though. She comes home once in a while and brightens up the surroundings. The whole house is in disarray. She shouts, screams and leaves such an impact that it takes a while to recover from it, emotionally (love-wise, happiness-wise, screaming-wise, news-wise and gossip-wise). When she goes away, we await her next visit. Like the Haley’s comet, she’s a regular. She returns brightly like a comet with a lot of spectacle.

I’ve never met a quiet Kajol

Even when you’re alone talking to Kajol, it seems like you’re talking to seven people. But you love her and respect her for the fact that when she says she misses you, she actually does. She’s not just saying it. When she says she’ll only work with you, she means it. When she brings her baby over and talks about your babies it’s with as much love as she has for her own baby.

When she meets my kids, it seems as if she meets them every day. It’s surprising that of all the people who come home, my kids remember her as if they’ve just met her the previous day. Many a times when they talk about her, I wonder whether she’s come here in my absence. But no, it’s that meeting they’re talking about. They remember her because she’s so loving. She overwhelms them with her love.

As an actor what works for Kajol is that she will not do a scene if she doesn’t believe in it. If she believes in it then she doesn’t have to act. She has a simple style of acting. Which I wish I and a lot of other actors had. When we do a scene we try to understand it, try to find the essence of the scene. But effectively the only one who believes in the scene and does it is Kajol. She doesn’t do anything special but on screen it’s magic.

I remember when we finished the first schedule of Baazigar, an actor asked me how she was as an actress. And I said she’s bullshit. She’s only screaming and shouting, she’s nonsense. And then I saw the rushes. And I realised that there’s a quality about her which is beyond our capability to recognise. And that quality is not technique; it’s not energy like mine. It’s not understanding. It’s belief. If she believes, she’s fantastic. If she doesn’t believe she’ll laugh at her own film, at her own scene at her own trial. I’ve seen her do that.

She’s a non-technical actor. She’s an example of the fact that if your heart is in the right place your performance will be fantastic. We’ve done some really nice films together. I’m proud of the films I’ve done with her. Hopefully we’ll work again. Whenever the comet comes again. Kajol is the Mani Ratnam of actresses. Whenever she says she wants to do a film, I’ll do it.

I remember we had a little problem with Chalte Chalte. We were left without a heroine. The next morning Kajol was at my home. I didn’t even think she would know about the problem. But she did. And then out of the blue she volunteered to do my film. I was surprised. But she was serious. She told me I know you want to make this film and I’d like to do the film. And believe me, to do a film with Kajol at that point was a huge, huge thing. I was besides myself with joy. Then she told me she had certain things to figure out first and if they didn’t turn out the way she expected, she’d do my film. I realised later she was planning to start her family. She was scheduled to go to the hospital for her check up. I’m so glad that she had the baby and didn’t do Chalte Chalte. Because that’s more important.

And I really wish her and Ajay all the very best. People keep talking about some stress between Ajay and me. But there isn’t. I don’t know Ajay too well. We’ve met quite a few times and he’s courteous but we’ve never spent time together. Maybe because we haven’t worked together. But sometimes when the media builds the competition between two actors it plays on your mind. But I think maybe because of Kajol and her baby even that “playing on the mind�? is over from my side. It irritated me when people spoke like that but not anymore. Then there was the Karan Arjun thing between us. Maybe he was right in thinking what he thought, maybe I was wrong. But now I’ve entered a phase where I just wish them a lot of love.

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