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SRK on his ladies: Rani – silent learner

After much deliberation, he decided to try her out. They straightened her hair, did her make-up and gave her a mini-skirt for the Koi mil gaya song. That’s where it all started from. When I first saw her dancing, I realised she’s a better dancer than me. She looked fantastic when she walks in with the guitar in the Koi mil gaya song. The first scene we did together, was her death scene in the film. It was a difficult scene for her first major film. But she was very good. That’s when I spent time with her and got to know her.

The good thing about Rani is that she’s a silent learner. She sits quietly and observes and then imbibes. Rani can be in place, even when it’s completely beyong her understanding or interest. Like she may wonder why I’m sitting with stamp collectors. But she will keep quiet and understand what’s the right thing to say or do in a particular situation. This is her asset as an actor too.

I think Rani is very loyal to me. She doesn’t need to be but she is. She knows I spotted her. She doesn’t owe me anything for it but she behaves as if she owes me her life. I can call her right now and say, “Rani I’m doing a film and I want you in it. I don’t know what you’re doing but you have to come from tomorrow.�? And she’ll come. She won’t say, “Shah, I’m shooting in Jaipur.�? She’ll come, start shooting and later perhaps she’ll tell me her problems.

I’ve even slapped her a couple of times on the sets of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Chalte Chalte when she didn’t deliver to the extent I believe only she can. Sometimes she has a concentration problem. Now, of course she insists that I slap her every time. She tells me,

If you slap me, the film becomes a hit.

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