Umrao Jaan (2006) Movie Preview – Aishwarya allures *Special Promo/Teaser & Movie Stills*

Umrao Jaan - 2006

It’s been a much-anticipated Aishwarya’s rendition of a period drama envisioned by a man known only for testosterone war films JP Dutta. Umrao Jaan has been generating the kind of buzz on par with any Hollywood historical.

Cast: Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek Bachchan

The 80’s hit Umrao Jaan, a story of a courtesan of Lucknow gave the beautiful Rekha a whole new identity. The character Umrao Jaan so beautifully portrayed by Rekha that she became the face of the character of Umrao Jaan. But now, nearly after two decades, J.P.Dutta has remade the classic and none other than the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai steps in to play the historic character. And today, brings you the exclusive teaser of Umrao Jaan.


Especially keeping in mind, that Ash and Abhishek would be cast opposite each other for the first time ever since their alleged ‘pairing up’. And the media has been falling all over themselves to get hold of Ash’s and Abhi’s exotic ‘first look’. And while recreating the old world charm in today’s ‘ gizmo’ised globe is no ordinary task, reviving a classic, one-fifty year-old tale by Mirza Ruswa has been the most intellectually challenging experience for the filmmaker. He’s had a trying time keeping the classic look of his protagonist under wraps. After having lived with the haunting image for decades, finally, J.P Dutta unveils the Umrao Jaan of his imagination, the gorgeous, Aishwarya Rai, for an exclusive.

Aishwarya Rai performing in classic Umrao Jaan song – LIVE in concert !

The 19 th century was an era of culture, poetry, literature and fine arts. Sometimes I feel those were better days to live in, that subtlety is lost in today’s world. I am inspired by Urdu poetry and literature, and I think there are audiences who are keen to learn such stories; the connection with the past is still there. In 1904, ‘Umrao Jan Ada’ was the first Urdu book that was ever printed, it was one of the earliest stories ever told, and it fired the imagination of people during that period. My film is my interpretation of book and not a remake of any other classic.

says J.P Dutta.


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