Bhoot Unkle (2006) Movie Review – Indian Casper

After Indian super-hero Krrish, yet another children movie hits the screen – bhoot Uncle, the friendly ghost or more appropriately, Indian Casper. Bhoot Uncle, is an adventurous story of a mishap and ill-treated orphan child, his encounter with friendly ghost and how the latter helps the child to get a good life later.
The good idea, to lure children goes kaput due to faulty script and its sloppy execution.

Cast: Jackie



For 12-year-old orphan Shyam [Dev Kantawala], life had been nothing but a series of tragedies and hardships. He is ill treated by his aunt [Rasika Joshi], while his uncle [Anurag Prapanna] watches helplessly. One night, Shyam unexpectedly stumbles upon an idol of Lord Shiva in a haunted lighthouse.

The mystery of the missing Lord Shiva idol, which Shyam accidentally solves, makes him come face to face with a dead pirate aka Bhoot Unkle [Jackie Shroff], who had robbed the idol a hundred years ago and is now trapped in the lighthouse.

Shyam is now entrusted with the responsibility of saving the idol from the clutches of the corrupt MLA [Akhilendra Mishra] and installing it back in the temple.

Bhoot Uncle lacks antics and frolics that would appeal to kids from 6 to 60 like Krrish. Its mix-masala story and tacky animation totally tempts you to leave the ASAP. In BHOOT UNKLE, a series of watchable events happen in the first half, while the second half is devoid of moments that would make the kids clap with glee. In fact, the writing [screenplay: Rajiv Agrawal and Veeru Shahane] is the culprit here. It’s slipshod, to put it bluntly!

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