DON (2006) Movie Review – Slick, Thrill & Surprises !

Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin… Namoomkin hai…,

DON 2006 - Movie Review


Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Arjun Rampal, Om Puri, Boman, Kareena


What will happen next kind of gripping story is definitely one of the USP of the movie. New DON takes off as same as old DON. The begining part with Chunky Pandey and even before the credits appears, you get glued on the screen. The beginning half an hour and the (pre)climax are hands down the best moments in DON.

Yes, it is partially a remake of the original don, but not completely. So whoever thinks that they know what they’re in for think again, I’ll bet you don’t know what you’re in for. Atleast not till the intermission. The movie’s pace did slow down just a notch towards the end of the first hour and begining of second half, but then once the story actually takes off it’s just one hell of a roller-coaster ride. It’s not that there’s just a twist at the climax. There’s unexpected surprises even before that.

Storyline is pretty simple as old DON, but its execution is what makes this movie different from the old one.
The movie is about drug mafia Don (Shahrukh Khan) who gets seriously injured in the police chase and police commissioner DeSilva (Boman Irani) replaces the original Don with his look alike Vijay to find out root of the gang. But commissioner DeSilva dies in an encounter. And Vijay lands up in the jail with no proof which proves that he is Vijay not Don but he fights back to prove that he is Vijay.

So is DON without its share of blemishes;
Not exactly.

Too much use of advanced graphics technology might sometimes confuse the viewers. The Inset shots and some irrelevant sequences in the movie confuses a common man. Even the climax of the movie would get mixedbag opinion. The climax does leave the possibility of next DON. Although its a fast paced thriller it does slow downs at some places with some irrelevant unwanted long scences. On the plus side Farhan has definitely tried not to stray away from the main plot, Even the light moments are carefully placed in between without hampering the flow of the story. There are surely light moments in the movie, which will make audience burst into laughter at times.

Bachpan mein Maa ki baat sun li hoti toh aaj yeh din dekhna nahi padta….
Aisa kya boli tumri maa…….
arre maa ki baat suni hi nahi to kaise bolein ki kya boli

Premiere of DON

DON without a doubt belongs to Shah Rukh Khan. If Krrish was for Hrithik, then DON is tailor made for Shah Rukh. Only he could have carried off so well the legendary Bachchan’s role. His shades of Duplicate (bad guy), Bazigaar & Darr are sometimes visibile in SRK’s character as DON and he carries off pretty well with arrogance and attitude. While on the initial portions of dehati Vijay character, SRK does seems mis-casted. SRK tries hard to bring in the essence of the charcter as played by Mr. Bachchan but falters. Even in the ‘Paan Banaraswala’ song he couldn’t infuse Mr. Bachchan’s magic. SRK as DON character totally outcasts his role as Vijay.

Kareena is there for one sassy number, just after 7 minutes 40 seconds she is no where to be seen on the screen. Isha Koppikar do have a significant role, where she plays one of the important character. It is an elaborated role devised from 30 seconds role from old DON. She has a late entry but do performs her role naturally.

Priyanka do look much more glamorous, classy and sexy in this movie but unfortunately her role is not better than her role in Krissh. She has even less screen space and hasn’t got any meaty dailouges.
But she does performs two-three very good action sequences though, well hats off to stuntmens !
Arjun definitely needs to work on his wooden expression, although he seemd to have grown in past few flims, but his expressionless face sometimes even confuse viewers about his intentions.

Music & Choreographywise the songs that stands out are ‘Mein Hoon DON’ & ‘Morya Re’. The choreography is above the par for those songs. While song like ‘Yeh mera Dil’ are just passable, eventhough it was a huge hit in old DON. The biggest disappointment was song ‘Kahike Pan Banaraswala’, the signature of old DON for the masses. The choreography was pathetic in comparision to old one, its even hard to believe this was done by legendary Saroj Khan. I think its time for her to bid goodbye to bollywood and just judge Nach Baliyee shows. Even the placement of the song is bit akward and irrelevant. But the backgound score with different tempo of ‘Don Track’ definitely adds thrill and pace to scences and done meticulously.

On whole DON is one roller coaster ride with slick and action. Its intresting story and starcast will definitely attract masses from India & Overseas, its just matter of time for this movie to be declared as yet another successful movie of this year.

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