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SRK on his ladies: Kareena Kapoor – quite a Kapoor

She is mad, speaks her mind and has a wicked sense of humour like Salman
Kareena is a little baby. I used to see her with Karisma all the time. For some reason, I remember her always wearing cream pants. She used to wear them really high. I spent some time with her in London recently and I found her very easy-going. She doesn’t mind calling a spade a spade. Maybe that’s why her initial interviews made her sound somewhat pompous.

She’s so very beautiful, awesome to look at. She reminds me of crystal, so pristine and clear. My mother used to describe beauty in the olden days as, “Jab woh paan khaati hai to peekh gardan mein dikhti hai.�? (When she chews paan, her throat turns red.) Kareena’s beauty is of that kind.

As an actress, she’s uninhibited. That’s why she is cut for comedy like she did in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. Like Salman, she has a wacky sense of comedy. And she has evolved as a dancer. She’s a modern actress a la Pooja Bhatt, youngsters like her a lot. Her personality is so strong that even when she’s not giving hits, she’s a superstar. Everyone still thinks of her as a leading heroine. Now I feel she’s mellowing. Maybe because of her relationship with Shahid Kapoor. Sometimes relationships and friendships bring about maturity. It’s having a good effect on her. I feel her time has just come. It was there when she started. This was her learning curve now she’s going to burst on the screen with a huge amount of presence. Now that she has come into her own, the directors need to rise to the occasion.

For some reason, she’s very, very fond of me. And I’m very fond of her. Somewhere I feel her mother’s had a very positive influence on her. She’s really made the sisters gritty and tough. She single-handedly honed these two girls to face the world. And I think they face the world immensely well. Kareena doesn’t mind asking for what she thinks is rightfully hers. I like that quality in a girl. I hope I remain in that league long enough to work with her more often.

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