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SRK on his ladies: Preity Zinta – busy suing everyone, beware

But she’s a sweetheart. She comes from an army background, which is what makes her very righteous. Things should be done in the right manner. But all said and done, she’s a yaar, a dost. She’ll really stand by you. When I was planning to buy an office for my VFX studio, she sent me a cheque of Rs11, 000. She said that’s her participation in my studio. It was a sweet gesture.

And to think I didn’t really like her earlier on.

Because of something she’d said. She told someone I’m a verbal flirt. I didn’t like it. She didn’t know me well enough to make such a remark. See, I joke with everyone. Maybe she didn’t understand my sense of humour. Maybe she’d met men who said things like that with a different attitude so she got it wrong. Maybe I was wrong. I shouldn’t have joked with her. So I refused quite a few films with her including Mission Kashmir. Of course, I never gave any film-maker the real reason for refusing the film. That was wrong because I’m a big star. I just told them I didn’t like the film or didn’t have dates. I’ve never mentioned it to anyone. In fact, this is the first time I’m talking about it.

Then Karan told me he wanted to sign her for Kal Ho Naa Ho. Initially, I was hesitant about his choice. But because Karan was making the film, I agreed. And because I’m very righteous I was clear that if I work with her in one film then I’ll work with her in every which film.

Today I feel maybe I wronged her. Maybe I should have worked with her earlier because I really enjoy working with her. So I’ve missed out on those two-three years of working with Preity. She’s really fun.

And she knows she has to work hard to hone her talent because acting doesn’t come naturally to her. It’s the same with me too. But I have never seen her shirk hard work. Today, she’s a better dancer than she ever was. She’s a prime example of 100 per cent hard work. I’ll always love her. Now I’ll go and clean roads with her every time she asks me.

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