SRK on his ladies: Sushmita Sen – truely International

I feel very short, very small in front of Sushmita. I just met her in Paris recently. And she asked, “How are you, Mr Khan?�? Sushmita calls me Mr Khan. I love it, no one else ever calls me Mr Khan. It’s something I’ll remember all my life.

I asked her, “Sush, have you grown taller?�?

And she said, “No Mr Khan, you’re looking shorter.�?

I remember we had 400 people on the sets of Main Hoon Na. We had Boman Irani, Satish Shah, Binduji, Zayed and Amrita Arora. 400 hundred people screaming and shouting, doing masti and then Sushmita Sen walked in wearing a yellow fur coat. And there was absolute silence.

That’s the kind of effect she has on people.

That whole scene where I fall in the movie when she passes me by wasn’t meant to be like that. But I felt like doing it because if you see her walk in a sari, you’d automatically swoon. So I fell. That’s the impression she gives.

She has an outstanding personality. She’s so full of life and zest. And the one word to describe her is diva.
She’s the first and the original diva of India.

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