Zindaggi Rocks (2006) Movie Review – Unfortunately, it doesn’t

Cast: Shiney Ahuja, Sushmita Sen


A rock star (Kria) and a doctor (Suraj Rihan), who have no reason to meet in life, end up bumping into each other and fall in love. Shiney Ahuja’s Dr Rihan is a serious person while Sushmita Sen’s Kria is all about fun.

She has an adopted 12-year-old son (Julian Burkhardt), and two women constantly hovering around her — her business manager Kim Sharma and aunt Maushmi Chatterjee. The doctor knows that he is in love but cannot his WHAT? feelings. So the rockstar simply hugs him and says she is in love.

But, wait a minute! Dr Rihan is a married man.

Kria breaks down when she learns this. But later, she discovers that his wife is a vegetable ever since an accident five years ago.

Meanwhile, Kria’s son falls ill, and she discovers that he has a hole in heart. He needs a heart transplant and an urgent donor.

Will her son be saved? Will Dr Rihan and Kria come together? That forms the suspense of the film.

With not so noble storyline and weak script to back it makes this musical total washout. Even emotional scences appear fake and superficial at times. One of the major drawback of this so called musical is its music, which doesn’t uplift the moment in the movie. Its just loud and bad. In total, ZR is total let down to all Sush fans.

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