Dhoom 2 (2006) Movie Review – Dhoom Again, literally

Dhoom was a huge success, it brought back action era of Akshay Kumar & Sunil Shetty with style & slick of Feroz Khan movies, though it was low in substance. Well, with much bigger canvas, huge starcast and eye candy babes and locales Dhoom II gives much more fun and still low in substance. This sequel takes Hrithik to much higher level than this year’s hit Krrish, as he takes this movie under his shoulder brilliantly.

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With recent success of PHP, LRMB, DON (remake), Dhoom 2 is definitely destined to be yet another hit of this lucky year 2006. The one aspect of this movie that straight away reaches out and grabs you by the throat is the glamour and slickness of the product (no surprise as nearly 45Cr was spent).

Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek Bachchan, Bipasha Basu, Uday Chopra



First Day First Show Report (Watch Online)

Warning: This review contains few spoilers too.

The film begins with Hrithik and a train robbery in Nambia, wherein Hrithik in the guise of the highness robs the crown, after which there is a fight scene between him and the guard on the top the train. After the robbery Hrithik leaves his signature ‘A’ on the robbery scene.
Bips(ACP) is send to join up with Abhi and Uday to catch the international robber who after every robbery leaves behind the alphabhet A.

In this way there are four robberies three of them before the interval and one after the interval. For every robbery Hrithik dons a disguise and after robbing also there are disguises used by him while getting away. During one such robbery he meets Ash and they both rob together but Ash is napped by Abi and Bips where hrithik saves her. Later she convinces HR to make her his partner which he does and falls in love with her.

Ash is actually working for Abhi as she was gonna be jailed and Abhi told her to help him nap A then she wont be jailed. HR and Ash are planning a big robbery which Ash tell abhi about and she was to signal him after the end but HR sees her with Abhi.

Then at gunpoint he makes Ash admit that she is with the cops which she admits to.

After the last robbery there is a motobike chase after which HR is caught by Abhi and to be arrested but HR pleads with Ash to shoot him as he would rather die by her hand than be captured or killed by Abhi.

Ash shoots HR and he falls off the cliff. Does he die?

Now here is the major spoiler.

Just after that scene, Aish & HR is shown working in Fiji islands and Abhi spots them. HR asks abhi will the former be arrested ?
Abhi slyly says … My work was to finish ‘A’ and he is dead for the world, but if he comes back again then he will definitely…

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Thankfully no Bubble. The film fizzes along and at a good pace, and is interspersed with fun filled comic and romantic moments. It is a pure masala film, and the emphasis is on fun, fun and some more fun. The locations are wonderful, and mostly different. The story is actually quite simple, and has the odd twist here and there. Nothing mind-bendingly stupid, or path breaking but it’s concise, to the point and provides decent scope for the actors to display their talents.

A+ goes its cinematography and action sequences. It will be clearly visible that Bollywood is definitely trying to match up with its counterpart – Hollywood.

Musicwise, it didn’t make big hit as Dhoom, but as songs have been blended within the movie pretty well. Some of the songs like – ‘Dhoom Again’, ‘Crazy Kiya’, ‘Dil Diya’ will surely pickup as the days passes by. The choreography of the songs make those songs live in the movie. After the first robbery Hrithik sings the Dhoom Again he is alone in that song, and the choregraphy is above all of his previous work. Similarly, ‘Crazy Kiya’ & ‘Dil Diya’ are both well choreographed.

Special mention must be given to its costume and make-up, as Hrithik dons many disguises within the movie, and the one with old man is definitely remarkable work of art. Even, Aish & Bips show their anatomy yet doesn’t look vulgar.

Now regarding casting, Hrithik steals the show. Abhishek and Bips roles were not well defined. They come and go, without any strong impression. Bips (double role) has been used as glam sexy doll. Whereas Abhishek is completely eclipsed. He don’t even get much role.
Uday provides good light moments. He was more entertaining and is less anoying this time. Ya, just less, he still anoys at times though.

Aishwarya portays the role of bad girl very well. The chemistry between Aish and Hrithik is something you will be highly impressed and touched. If you thought Salman-Aishwarya paring of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam was good, then you will say this pairing brilliant.

When Aishwarya uncovers herself in front of Hrithik after the robbery – as mask, golves, etc, etc falls the way Hrithik looks at her was excellent. You can get the onscreen vibe between them just by this scene and for all those HR-Aish fans – there are two lip-locking scenes between Ash-HR too.

Style, Action, Glam and above all Hrithik – If Dhoom was hit, then its Dhoom Again … literally

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