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Goonj Uthi Shehnai (1959) – Echoes of Shehnai

Its pretty refreshing to watch bollywood classics once in a while. You can clearly see, the advancements made by indian cinema in last few decades. From black and white to eastman color to todays Imax the advancement is definitely beyond anyones imagination. On the one hand can we see commercial and technical achievements bollywood have made but on the other hand you can clearly see the backruptcy of ideas in these days movie. No wonder, why directors are opting for remakes. Compared to classics like Kagaaz Ke Phool, Mudhumati, Mother India I often think where have all those writers gone.

If you thought Devdas (2001) was an ideal bollywood musical love story, then watch ‘Goonj Uthi Shehnai’ your belief will be shattered within first 5 minutes.

Starring: Rajendra Kumar, Ameeta


Childhood sweethearts Gopi and Kishen hope to get married when they are grown up. Gopi dances to the magical tunes of Kishen’s clarinet (shenai), and both are virtually inseparable. Years pass by, both have grown up and Gopi’s mom, Jamuna, would like Gopi to get married to a young man from Lucknow, by the name of Shekhar, who works for All India Radio.

Shekhar visits them, meets Gopi, and approves of this marriage, and asks Jamuna to finalize a day for the marriage. When this news reaches Gopi and Kishen both are heartbroken, as much as Kishen would like to marry Gopi he knows that he is unemployed and poor, and hence not considered a good suitor. Additionally, his mentor and guardian, Raghunath, would like him to marry his daughter, Ramkali, and may ask him to make the ultimate sacrifice by demanding this as his guru-dakshina (teacher’s fee). Then the villagers ask Kishen to leave the town as he has brought shame on them all by continuing to meet with Gopi, who has now been promised to Shekhar.

Dil Ka Khilona Toot Gaya – Only bollywood song composed by renowned musician Ustad Bismillah Khan

Kishen leaves town, re-locates to Lucknow, meets with Shekhar, who gives him a job at the Radio Station. Soon Kishen’s music reaches every corner of India and he becomes a rich man overnight. He returns home to wed Gopi, but finds out that Shekhar is to wed her, and he is just in time to play the clarinet at their wedding.

It looks like Gopi and Kishen’s romance is fated to end tragically – unless and until a miracle occurs that will unite them forever.

Other Credits

Director: Vijay Bhatt
Music: Vasant Desai


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