Guru (2006) Movie Preview – Teaser/Promo/First Look – Madras Talkies

Mani Ratnam, A. R. Rehman, Abhishek Bachchan & Aishwarya Rai comes together to bring you a story about a villager, a visionary, a winner set at the backdrop of 1950s. Under Madras Talkies, Guru is all set to release this december 2006. This magnum opus by legendery director Mani Ratnam, tells the story of a normal villager who had a vision to make one of the biggest company in India. He had the courage, the idea and the dream to be reach top by hook or by crook. The story has been inspired from real life industrailist – Dhiru Bhai Ambani.

We give you an exclusive never shown before teaser (not slideshow).


Guru Kant Desai – Abhishek Bachchan
There’s a saying in our village, if people say bad things about you, you must be doing something good. Sounds true, doesn’t it?

Sujatha – Aishwarya Rai
I hated my father for forcing me to marry Guru. But I was sent away to Bombay to live with my unwanted husband and my anger in a one-room chawl.

I don’t know when I stopped thinking of him as a stranger and started calling him Guru. I was too shy to say things like I love you, but love was perfume I wore everyday.

Some people call him God, some say he is evil, but for me he is the man who has to just enter the room and I can feel that perfume waft its way across and settle on me… that perfume called love…

Manikdas Guptha (Nanaji) – Mithun Chakravarthy
Swathantra – is the newspaper I run, and the newspaper runs me. Gurubhai was like a son to me, when I met him first on the streets of Bombay. He had righteous anger and a desire to achieve his goals. I liked that. He was in a hurry to make his own way. I liked that even more. When others told me that Gurubhai was not all white, I thought they were envious of him and ignored them.

That was my mistake.
No cost is too great in the pursuit of truth.
And in my fight for the truth I knew that I’d either destroy Guru or myself.
And I was prepared for both.

Shyam Saxena – R. Madhavan
Gurukanth Desai should be put in a jail and the keys should be thrown away. It’s not just that he is evil, but he awakens the evil in everyone. Gurubhai flirted with the law and the lawmakers, did anything and everything to enhance his business, and then buried the laws and built a fountain on top of it to make the grave look pretty. Profit and the share price were the only two parameters that mattered to him. Right and wrong, just and unjust were incidental. I will fight him and the Gurus of this world till the very end.

Meenu – Vidya Balan
I met Gurubhai when I was seven years old. He was the only one who never asked me why I limped. While Nanaji and Shyam could only see what Gurubhai had done, I could see why he had done it. When you run fast you do kick up a lot of dust. But dust always settles. I could see it from my wheelchair but Nanaji could not. I like fights. And this one where everyone I loved was fighting each other was exciting. They cared but they fought. The contradiction was exactly like life. And I loved life. Especially when there was so little of it left.

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