I See You (2006) Movie Preview – Promo/Teaser/First Look – copy of Just Like Heaven

Arjun Rampal is all geared up for his forthcoming first home production movie – I See You. Arjum himself plays the male lead, while a new comer Vipasha has been casted opposite him. Its not bad for a actor to turn into produre, even top actors like Amitabh Bachchan (ABCL) and Shah Rukh Khan (Dreamz Unlimited, Red Chillies) have tried their hands. The problem with the movie is that, its complete rip off of last year’s Reese Witherspoon starrer – JUST LIKE HEAVEN (2005).

I See U is the love story of a woman who is out there in spirit and a man who doesn’t believe in them!

When they first meet, confusion reigns supreme. Raj Jaiswal (Arjun Rampal), star at the India Shining TV channel with a show named British Raj, is all set to make a conquest of the new co-anchor on his show. But all hell breaks loose when he finds an unexpected visitor in his bedroom – a woman who claims to be merely an apparition who has finally found someone who can see her, feel her and hear her!


That is the dilemma Raj faces when he discovers Shivani Dutt (Vipasha) in his apartment. He is the only person who can see her, hear her, talk to her; no one else even senses her presence.
But Raj dismisses their first meeting as a bad dream until the next morning when it becomes slowly – and at an embarrassing cost to his ego and sanity – clear to him that Shivani is actually what she claims to be – a wandering spirit whose body is in the twilight zone between life and death. Caught between a scorned co-anchor, a disbelieving friend and a spirit who’s eager to be his friend, Raj tries to make sense of a situation that leads him to a hospital where Shivani’s comatose body is in danger at the hands of a racketeering doctor.

So when the doctor prepares to end Shivani’s physical care – and destroy the magical bond she and Raj share –he must find a way to save her. For it is only her love that can save him in return.
As their unusual friendship develops and deepens, Raj is determined to save Shivani’s life at all costs – even if it means breaking the law and attracting the attention of London’s only Hindi-speaking cop!

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