Three Movies, One Review – Verdict Flop

It looks like lull before the storm, as next week (21st November 2006) Dhoom 2 is hitting the screens. No big film maker wanted to release anything this week, because of it. Still, three low-budget movies released for this weekend – Rehguzaar, Unns, Janani. In March 2006 too, I had a similar review, irrespective of starcast and budget – major flaw in all of these three movies released this week is SCRIPT. So here is condensed review of all three movies. Actually, didn’t want to waste three whole pages and your time.

While bollywood is trying new and mature subjects with every new film, there comes some speed breaker movies inbetween with old bollywoodish style themes. Movies that worked in old 70s, 80s doesn’t guanrantee that it will click in 2006, instead there is a heavy chance of falling flat.

This week first movie is Janani, which I had to bear for 2:25 minutes. In short, the movie has nothing new to offer than the things that we have witenssed in tube daily. The title suggests it should be feminist movie, but all it had was relationship melodrama soap. On the whole, JANANI has nothing to lure the family audiences, its target audience.

After regular relationship saga, I bumped into yet another tacky version of KANK – Unns.
UNNS is a story narrated by Natasha [Juhi Babbar] about her close friend Ria [Rituparna Sengupta], who gets married to Rahul [Sanjay Kapoor] on a rebound. Rahul, an ideal husband, truly loves his wife. Unfortunately, Ria is unable to reciprocate Rahul’s love in the same way as he does. Succumbing to her consciences, Ria deliberately starts picking up fights with Rahul and one day tells him that she has decided to end the marriage. Rahul is shattered.
Besides a theme that’s difficult to digest, screenplay is far from gripping.

Finally, with whatever engery I had left, I entered into my final destination – REHGUZAR. As initial reels rolled, it seemed like a realistic movie about exploitation of laborers in the middle east. The helpless labor class, which arrives from different countries to Gulf, dream of a rosy life there. But most of the expatriates have to work very hard to make their mark. But after first 3 reels, the story goes haywire with introduction of all bollywood masala items in this so called true story. REHGUZAR could’ve mirrored the hardships of life in Gulf convincingly, but director seemed to be too keen to introduce all regular romance, meaningless songs and other ‘C’ grade items to make the whole movie not more than ‘C’ grade.

What a dreadful friday !

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