Vidya Balan: She makes colour look almost vulgar

This month filmfare magazine cover girl is none other than ‘Good Morning Mumbai …’ girl of Lage Raho Munnabhai – Vidya Balan. She is simple, good looking, talanted what more would anyone want ?
Well, filmfare guys have made some powershot clicks which reveals yet another surprise from package from Balan.
You just will have to agree – she makes colour look almost vulgar.
In an interview, she talks her bollywood romoured link ups from Sanjay to latest talk of town John. How she started her career, her hardships and taste of success, directly from horses mouth.

Pointing to the various models of motorbikes on the shelves she laughs. “You know, once I asked John who his favourite heroine was. With a wicked grin, he said, ‘Hayabusa’. I spent the entire day racking my brains as to who she was. I wondered if she was some oriental actress he had taken a liking to. Only towards the end of the day did he tell me it was his favourite bike. I felt a complete fool,” she trills.

Watching her talk about John Abraham so freely makes me wonder. Especially in the wake of all those rumours. How Bipasha Basu was reportedly insecure of their growing friendship and how it was slowly catching on as the rumour of the year. How the fact that the two got along famously on the sets of Salaam-e-Ishq raised eyebrows. Again with disconcerting calmness she counters, “All this is thoroughly fabricated.

Then she tells me cutesy stories about AB Junior—the jokes, the ribbing and the fun on the sets. “Abhishek is like a livewire on the sets. He is always up to something wicked. In fact whenever I wanted to pull someone’s leg I ganged up with him. There’s this girl who I used to tease with a particular person who is really funny and I told Abhishek to just call her and congratulate her on getting engaged. And he obliged. We were in splits because every time he spotted her he would call her by the name that I had given her,” she giggles like a schoolgirl.

After junior B, the question moves towards Sanjay Dutt. So did she bond better this time with Sanjay Dutt during Lage Raho…? In our last interview, she had mentioned that ‘with respect came a certain distance and I can never be on backslapping terms with him.’ “Oh that still stays, he is way too senior for me to treat him casually,” she avers. “But Sanju is very protective towards me. You know, once I was called on the sets a little too early and I had to wait for a few hours before he came in. When he got to know, he ticked off the production guys for making me wait. I was touched.” Refusing even to dignify the stray tabloid rumour that they were seeing each other she remarks, “Even as a rumour it’s ridiculous. Maybe people feel my interviews are not interesting enough so they feel the need to spice them up.”

Look into her incandescent charcoal smudged eyes and you can see why guys the world over are telling their mothers, ‘I want a girl like Vidya Balan’. One look at her and it’s as clear as day why directors and producers want her in their films. Amidst this hysteria surrounding her, she seems so serene, so untouched by it all. Not even gossip, that faithful mistress to fame, has the desired impact on her. Even the frenzied hype following the success of Lage Raho Munna Bhai only seems to have strengthened her sangfroid.

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